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Remember to Vote Today!

Polls are open until 9pm though out the city. 

We have a vision for a new kind of Democratic Party, one which empowers a more effective local government and helps connect it with the people. We hope you will join us in supporting our candidates throughout the city of Troy.

These elections will come down to just a few votes, so your’s will make a huge difference. Simply follow the steps below to figure out who to vote for and where to vote:

1. Use this tool to look up your election district. Once you enter your name and birthdate, it will show you your registration record, look for this:

Election District Lookup 2.  Click on the link below that corresponds to the election district listed to see who is running and where to vote:

Election District 3 
Election District 6
Election District 8
Election District 11
Election District 13
Election District 19
Election District 20
Election District 22
Election District 23
Election District 24
Election District 25
Election District 26
Election District 28
Election District 30

If you don’t see your election district listed, there is no committee race. There is, however, still a primary. Click here to find your polling location.



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