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We believe that modern technology, used effectively, and within a context of broader communication, can go a long way in building a stronger two-way connection with our governments than we have ever had. By using information effectively, we can enable our government to be more effective at responding to and addressing the concerns of their constituents. Below are some of our ideas about how we can use technology to help drive this kind of communication.


The first step is this website, making information relevant to our democracy more accessible to those who seek it out. We will continue to publish articles and references designed to help people get involved. Feel free to write us an email at if there is a particular topic you would like to see addressed, or which you think you can help address.

Case Management System

Many governments, and all private companies, use some kind of database to keep track of their constituencies and stakeholders at an individual level, so they can make sure any concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. The idea that in the 21st Century, issues are often addressed only once someone comes before the city council or town board on repeated occasions to remind them is quite concerning. We believe that with smart applications of these modern database systems, we can help make our government more responsive to to the will of the people.

Email Alerts

While email can’t replace face-to-face interaction, it can augment it well. We are producing a newsletter designed to keep citizens informed about important issues, upcoming elections, and ideally, the endorsement process, so they can voice their preferences before candidates are chosen.

Scroll down and sign up at the bottom of this page for email alerts, and we will send you an email later to figure out what kinds of information you would like to receive.

SMS Alerts and Polls

Texting has become a major modern day communication platform because of it’s quick effectiveness. We would like to be able to send voters important alerts about voting days, and, if they opt in, perhaps polls about issues that are important to them. This way we can help get a pulse on peoples stance on active debates quickly and directly.

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