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The Democratic Party is the party of inclusion, but just including people isn’t enough, we seek to make opportunities to be directly involved known and widespread. Through our vision of having the County Committee be more directly involved in neighborhood scale organizing, we will enable more ongoing direct engagement in our democracy, and our government. Below are some of the ways in which we hope people will get engaged:

Join the Party Committee

By joining the party committee, you can be part of the base level of our democratic process, serving as a direct bridge between your neighborhood and the people who represent you in government positions. You can work to get good people elected, and make sure they have the tools, knowledge, and connections to be effective once in office.

Citizen Working Groups

If there is a particular issue which you care deeply about and either have expertise in, or enough passion to develop such expertise, we encourage you to share it. If your local government agrees that it is an important issue, or enough local citizens do, you can pull a group together to drive it forward. Citizen Working Groups are typically hybrid organizations, tasked with writing a detailed report with recommendations for local governments while simultaneously organizing at the grassroots level to drive their recommendations forward independently.

Block Captains

If you aren’t ready to organize a whole election district with the county committee, at least talk to your immediate neighbors. If you are the kind of person who already knows a lot of people in your neighborhood, get in touch with your county committee person (we can help if you fill out this form), and you can help connect the people you already work with to the important information of the day.

Direct Communication with your Committee Person and Elected Officials

We can only do so much as organizers to make information accessible, so having people who actively stay in touch with their committee people and elected officials is invaluable to making sure communication goes both ways. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this page, and when you find a particular issue you are concerned about, or have ideas on solving, make it known!

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