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This website was created by a group of active citizens, mostly from Troy, who believe in the capacity of government as a force for positive social change. We are concerned with current trends to give up on our democratic process in favor of individual action, and recognize that this trend is fueled by the fact that government has become unwieldy, slow to change, and disconnected from the people they serve.

We have a vision for using the party committee structure as it was designed, to help bridge that gap and make government more agile and effective.

Some of us have been involved with campaigns before, and are dismayed with how few people are concerned with the importance of local government to their day to day lives, or with the difficulty in (and thus lack of) ongoing communication between the people and the government. Some of us are new to political action, but are active in our communities in our own ways.

If you are interested in being involved with this dynamic group of people working to help our democracy function, please fill out this form. We are an inclusive group, and welcome participation from anyone, involved at any level who wants to help put aside personality politics in favor of effective governance.